Is it a bird or not? Find out using AI!

It's not a bird.

A reptile lying in the grass.
African crocodile

According to Azure Cognitive Services the image does not contain a bird...

The information below is automatically extracted from the image.


A reptile lying in the grass.


animal reptile (animal) grass crocodilian reptile (animal) outdoor lizard crocodile snake crocodilia alligator american alligator scaled reptile nile crocodile saltwater crocodile american crocodile turtle tortoise iguania komodo dragon iguanidae amphibian varanidae iguana terrestrial animal monitor lizard dinosaur serpent marine iguana reptile field bird sitting eating laying green food lying black grassy standing grazing large water


These are the animals found in the picture and the confidence level for each info.

# Is bird? Group Is animal?
1 No African crocodile (84.4 %) Yes (94.0 %)

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